Heatwave hack: Avoid grey bed sheets to stay cool at night during heatwave - best colours | Express.co.uk

2022-07-30 02:56:59 By : Ms. Purongsports Ruan

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Sleep expert Dave Gibson at eve Sleep shared his top tips with Express.co.uk for staying cool throughout the night.

Prepare for the night, early in the day

Dave explained that "before you go about your day, prep your bedroom for the day ahead".

Closing curtains, for example, helps keep the sun’s rays from warming up the room throughout the day.

Turning any lights off will also help.

"You could even leave your window open just a smidge, this will allow the air to circulate and stop things feeling stuffy when you return," the expert recommended.

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Go natural with your sheets

Dave revealed that the material of the bed sheets could be keeping people up at night.

He explained: "Fabrics like polyester and silk tend to trap heat which can leave us feeling a bit hot and bothered come the summer. So sticking to natural fibres like bamboo or linen tend to be the better option as their loose fibres allow heat to escape."

The colour of the bamboo or linen sheets also makes a difference.

Bed experts at Beddable explained that "since dark tones absorb light and conduct heat, lighter coloured bedding can help create a bright, airy feel to your bedroom".

They recommended opting for clean colours in a neutral palette, "such as white or sage green" instead of grey or darker colours.

Interior experts at Crafted Beds explained: “Getting a great night's sleep can be a challenge during the hotter months, but there are several changes you can make to ensure you and your guests are comfortable throughout the night, even in high temperatures.

"Linen bed sheets are great at absorbing and evaporating moisture and increasing airflow, helping you to stay cool."

Adapt to your sleeping partner

Having another person in the bed can add to the heat, so opting for a lower tog duvet, or a warm cool duvet with a split tog would be ideal to achieve different sleeping temperatures.

Dave recommended: "You could also try a temperature balancing mattress protector as these are cleverly designed to draw heat away from your body, keeping you and your sleeping partner fresh right through to the morning."

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Open the window and blast the fan

The sleep expert explained the ideal temperature for a bedroom is between 18-21°C.

If the temperature gets too hot at night, "I recommend cracking open the windows to allow a breeze in and then sticking a fan on to help circulate the cooler air around the room," Dave said.

"Don’t worry about that whirring noise, studies have shown it can actually be quite soothing for sleep," he explained.

Cotton is the best option for keeping cool at night according to the expert.

Dave explained: "Anything tight or synthetic can cause irritation and make you hot which can keep you up during the night."

Dave explained that a cool shower is a perfect alternative after a hot day.

"Targeting pulse points like your neck or wrists can help to bring down your temperature even quicker," he revealed.

A cool shower will also be beneficial to get a good night's sleep as falling body temperature is one of the signals that the brain uses to produce more melatonin, which is the sleepy hormone.

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