2022-09-24 04:39:43 By : Ms. Grace Xiao

The best duvet inserts on the market are the perfect companions for your favorite duvet covers, adding fluff and comfort to your bedding. Our favorite models don’t just add add softness and warmth, though; they also look the part. While the cover generally does earn the most points when it comes to aesthetics, it’s important to look for an insert that adds to the cover’s appeal from within—after all, you wouldn’t want it to “pancake” on you in any areas. Choose wrong, and you’ll be left regularly fluffing and readjusting your down comforter to get even coverage across your bed.

The Brooklinen All-Season Down Alternative Comforter is perfect for people who don't like to change ... [+] their bedding as temperatures change.

To select the right duvet insert, you’ll want to first consider the size of your mattress, what kind of comforter (or down alternative comforter) you’ve got and what materials are important to you (some people prefer more expensive down; others have allergies or are on a tighter budget that prevents them from going this route). After that, it’s simply a matter of picking one that speaks to your personal comfort preferences. Ahead, find our curated list of the best duvet inserts out there.

Sleep Number’s Create Your Own Comforter is so genius, you’ll wish you invested in it sooner. The comforter is designed with couples in mind, allowing you to split your comforter style in half (which is then buttoned together) so everyone wins in bed. It’s the ideal solution for any partner who’s always hotter (or colder) than the other. Choose between light warmth, medium warmth and extra warmth, along with a down or down alternative fill. Then, simply attach the two sides together. The duvet inserts have corner ties to hold your comforter in place, and they come with Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex certification so you can feel good about using them.

It’s rare to find a quality duvet insert for under $100, but Linenspa offers one—and it’s incredibly popular to boot. Fans over on Amazon rave about its fluffiness and budget-friendly price tag. Stuffed with a plush down alternative for all-season coverage, the insert also features corner and side loops to help keep everything in place. A quilted, box-stitch design secures your fill, too, so you don’t have to stress about things shifting around over time. Choose from a range of sizes, including “oversized” king and queen options, just in case you prefer a larger coverage area.

Some people are happy to swap out their comforter as the seasons change, or add and subtract blankets as the need strikes. Others simply can’t be bothered—but if you fall into the latter camp, there’s hope. Select an all-season comforter like this one to keep you cool on hotter days and warm when temperatures drop. This Brooklinen option keeps you at an even temperature year-round and features baffle box construction to prevent your fill from shifting around. Loops on every corner make it easy to attach to your duvet cover—and keep it in place, too. Since it’s made from recycled PET fibers repurposed from plastic bottles, you can also feel good knowing you’ve helped the environment with this purchase.

Finding the right comforter as a hot sleeper can be tricky: You want to be warm enough to feel cozy, but not so hot that you end up sweating in your sleep. The Buffy Breeze is specially designed to regulate your temperature. It features Tencel fabric to absorb moisture more efficiently than cotton and has an overall airy weight, so you don’t feel tied down while you sleep. The insert features loops on every corner to secure your duvet in place. It’s even fully biodegradable and compostable for when you decide to trade it in for a newer version. (Just note: It’s recommended that you dry clean this insert as a result.)

Pottery Barn’s Hydrocool duvet insert has plenty of bells and whistles to make your sleep experience as comfortable as possible. The down alternative insert is filled with the company’s proprietary Hydracool, which is specially designed to pull moisture away from you while you sleep to create a cool, dry environment. It’s also hypoallergenic, preventing you from developing sneezes and sniffles while you sleep. Box quilting keeps the fill from shifting, while corner loops keep your duvet cover in the right spot. Choose between mid-weight and ultra-plush options, with the latter creating a fuller, more fluffy feel in bed.

Down is a traditional duvet insert fill—and for good reason: It creates a fluffiness that’s hard to match. This particular comforter is stuffed with ethically-sourced, hypoallergenic down and feathers for a lofty feel. Box stitching keeps all that fluffiness in place, and you can choose from four different warmth levels: Light, Medium Warmth, Extra Warmth and Ultra Warmth. There’s even a massive range of color options, just in case you want to have the option of bypassing a duvet cover.