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2022-10-18 04:40:48 By : Ms. Eva He

For anyone who has ever built (or thought about building) a home gym, cost was probably a big pain point. Unfortunately, gym equipment just isn't cheap. But shopping for on-sale workout equipment is an excellent way to save a few bucks (or more).

Right now, you can keep some cash in your wallet by shopping Amazon's Prime Early Access Sale. Upgrade your home gym and shop some of the best Amazon Basics workout equipment on sale. Aerobic Step Exercises

The Best At-Home Workout Equipment of 2022

These neoprene dumbbells are excellent for at-home workouts. The vinyl coating is easy to grip, so you don't have to worry about your weight falling on the ground. And the hexagonal shape prevents rolling as you set your weights down and move through different exercises.

Another bonus? The different weights are color coded, making quick switch-ups easy in the middle of your workout.

‌Buy it: ‌; ‌Price:‌ $17.41 (originally $24.51)

Medicine balls are a functional piece of equipment that don't take up too much space but allow for plenty of different exercises. Amazon makes their medicine balls in a variety of weights with a textured, grip-friendly surface.

‌Buy it: ‌; ‌Price: ‌$25.65 (originally $36.85)

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Coated with vinyl so they're friendly on your floors, these colorful kettlebells are available in several weights, from 10 to 60 pounds. These also have a textured handle, giving you a better grip as you do your KB swings.

‌Buy it:‌; ‌Price: ‌$19.86 (originally $24.79)

Searching for a kettlebell you can use for outdoor workouts? This cast-iron kettlebell is corrosion-resistant and the finish won't chip or scratch if you drop your weight on the ground. These come in 10 to 45 pounds.

‌Buy it: ‌; ‌Price:‌ $11.76 (originally $15.97)

While vinyl-coated dumbbells are best for your living room strength sessions, these rubber-encased weights make a great garage gym or backyard workout buddy. The hexagonal shape helps prevent mid-workout rolling and the textured metal handle is easy to grip.

One thing to note: These dumbbells are sold individually.

‌Buy it:‌; ‌Price:‌ $24.46 (originally $25.29)

A battle rope takes your home gym from casual to legit. You can seamlessly combine cardio and strength training with battle rope exercises. Choose from two different lengths, depending on your available space. Plus, Amazon has an option to bundle your battle ropes with strength equipment, like a kettlebell or medicine ball, in the same order.

‌Buy it: ‌; ‌Price: ‌$34.17 (originally $42.71)

For those who want to save space, adjustable dumbbells are the way to go. Instead of buying several pairs of weights, these enable you to add and take off weight plates, customizing the handles to your desired resistance. Plus, these already have two 3-pound and two 5-pound plates included.

Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set ‌Buy it: ‌; ‌Price: ‌$30.74 (originally $44.07)